CRM, Account Management & Other Application Training

All organisations collect information on a wide range of activities; it often feels like we spend more and more time processing data than delivering the activities. The diversity of our organisations’ activities and funding streams is a complex task that requires a significant amount of time to manage. All stakeholders that we work with have different needs and often require different information reporting that can and does change as the nature of our sector changes. With reductions in funding and core staffing many organisations are turning to technology to help them work more effectively with fewer resources, one such technology being rolled out is a ‘database’


Most CRM, Accounting and other management softwares are based on one form of database or the other, making for effective and efficient data management. Deodata take your staffs through the basics of database management as it relates to their respective sector and the management application they will have to be working with.


CRM Training


Nowadays, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the important part of
business due to the benefit of analyze sale opportunities, campaigns management,
personalization to each individual customer, cross-selling and up-selling. Unfortunately,
many research evidence shows that most of the companies fail to make their CRM effort to
pay off. Thus success CRM is required co-operate from the management top down in the
CRM installed companies. Deodata provides companies with relevant CRM software applications and helps build the frame work for the companies customer relationship experience.We have done a number of installations for banks and communication companies, these are two sectors that have the highest numbers of customers and effective management is critical to the growth of the company.


For small and medium scale companies, we have tailored designed crm applications that will suit the size of the company. We also ensure that intensive training is giving to elected staffs to ensure proper utilization of the system.


Accounting Packages


Deodata has bailed a lot of companies out of financial mishaps through our account management system. usually we carry out a study of an organization, so as to recommend the best application that will best fit the nature of business of the organization and be easily understood by the elected staffs. We go the extra mile to create all the needed frame work. Digitalize the accounting process if it was not done before, before we proceed with the training process. This way we make it easy for the newly trained staffs to carry on the accounting and auditing without stress or finding it tidious task.


Other Application


We also install and train staffs on the use of other packages like microsoft office suit, autocad, Web design and management application, network management and trouble shooting, school management applications etc. Please contact us for more information on our training services.