Maintenance Management Contract

Give your business the utmost protection with ongoing maintenance contract management of your hardware and software service contracts.

Consider all the people who work for your organization and the computers they use in their work. Add enterprise equipment like servers, routers, printers, scanners, wired and wireless phone systems, and installed desktop software and proprietary applications.

How is this inventory currently cataloged and managed? Beyond standard manufacturers’ warranties and service agreements, how is your organization protected against downtime for everything you own and lease? Guessing is counter-productive; so is speculating about the appropriate levels of protection for your organization. Engage Deodata Integrated Services Ltd and you’ll find ongoing maintenance contract management has never been easier.

You know your business best, which is why our team begins by getting to know your needs and your operation. No matter where you purchased your original hardware, software or equipment, you’ll find that Deodata can secure the warranties, extended service agreements, software upgrade protection and premium support you need. Don’t guess when it comes to your mission critical technologies. Engage Deodata Integrated Services Ltd for your custom plan.

In a recent survey carried out in the US and South Africa, hardware and software failure was the number one cause for business IT unavailability. Ensure your business is protected by engaging our maintenance management contract to protect your IT interest.

Ongoing Management

Your business is dynamic and so is the technology deployed to support your operation. Ongoing Maintenance Contract Management assures you the levels of protection you need now and in all the years that follow. Whether your needs include regular equipment adds, moves and changes, or front-line advocacy with manufacturers, we work as a part of your team. Learn more about the right levels of contract maintenance for your business by contacting us.