Software Solutions and Accounting Packages

Deo-data Integrated Services Ltd offers software installation, upgrade and training for most industry related software. We are not software designers but we work in partnership with designers to fashion custom made softeares to meet specific needs of a particular individual or corporation.

We also offer training on packages such as accounting packages, design packages, CRM, Database Management, Personel Management, School Management and other industrial related softwares..

We acquire licenses for the products installed to ensure that the client will never be fall victim to fruad by the software manufacturers and also makes it easy when a reinstallation is needed. We strongly discourage the use of pirated or unregistered softwares by our clients especially when it comes to antivirus and firewall softwares as this provides a gateway for hackers and virus to gain entry into the clients network.

We also source for and acquire licenses for rare softwares and applications that is not readily available in the market. We go the extra mile to train our personel intensively on the use of these packages so that they can train the clients and always be handy in problem solving and trouble shooting.

Accounting Packages

Over the years, we have helped a lot of companies get their accounts in order by recommending, installation and training of their staffs in the use of suitable accounting software that meets the needs and requirement of such companies. We have well trained accounting personnel who are very vast in the use of packages such as Tally, Peach-tree/ Sage, Quick-book, Dac Easy, manager, Bottom Line among others.

software and accounting packages