Equipment Supplies, installations and Networking

Deo-data Integrated Services Ltd offers computer and IT related equipment sales, Installation and repairs.

Our pricing is very competitive both for custom built computer systems or branded computer systems.

We are associated to most of the major brands in the IT industry either directly or through other dealers, hence we ensure that our products are sourced from the major producers and not conterfeited products.

The major brands we associate with includes : Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Sony, IBM, Chisco, TPlink, Zinox and more.

It is our goal at Deodata to deliver to our customers the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible prices, thus creating the best value anywhere. We maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction by providing top-notch customer service.

Product Warantee and Repairs

For each product we supply, we ensure that the manufacturers warrantee is transferred to the client and ensure to enforce this warrantee should any issue arise with the product within the stipulated time of the warrantee. We also undertake repairs and maintenance of products outside with warrantee period.

We have well trained on hand engineers to trouble any and all IT related equipment, ranging from PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Ups and Inverters, Scanners, Routers, Stabilizers, Photocopiers, etc.

IT Repairs

Networking Solutions

Deodata offers Network infrastructural designs and integration. We are very knowledgeable technicians with good knowledge of high end computer networking and integration solutions. We offer Structured Cabling, Wireless, Fiber Optics and ems transmission installation.

Our advisory group will undertake a feasibility study of your network to determine the most effective network structure and transmission medium that will best suit your establishment.

We also offer enterprise networking solutions to link company branches that are separated by distance say in different local government areas (LGA) or even in different states, to enable then share resources such as accounting or CRM systems.