Email Marketing Solutions

Throughout the years, many types of promotional methods have caught the public fancy. Television commercials. Radio ads. Direct marketing. Now that the Internet has taken over the game, from banner ads to social network pages, the one constant is that email marketing has become the most affordable, effective and targeted promotional tool out there.

Advantages of Deodata Email Marketing

Email marketing is incredibly affordable

There’s not a single promotional tool out there with the same level of affordability of email marketing. Emails cost only pennies on the dollar, and even get cheaper when you send more. Compared to buying TV, newspaper or radio advertising, email marketing is a true bargain

Email marketing is completely targeted

What other type of advertising allows you to call each customer by name, write copy based on their needs and wants, and cater individually to whatever product the customer fancies at the moment? Only email marketing gives you a true one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Email marketing is trackable in real time

When you send out an email survey or just an HTML newsletter, you can see when your email is opened and which links are clicked on, down to the minute. Your reports will give you a great, quick picture of how well your campaigns are doing in the easiest way possible.

Email marketing has a broad reach

Email marketing knows no boundaries, and you can cater to customers all around the world effortlessly and easily with it.

Email marketing is a flexible medium

No other type of mass marketing gives you the freedom to send images, video, text, links and more. You can make your emails as simple as plain text with few graphics, or as elaborate as you want.

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